Sand Art Picture X-Large Ocean Blue Alder Wood


Experience calming tranquility with X-Large Ocean Blue Alder Wood Moving Sand Pictures, and marvel at the graceful design. This stunning piece of art measures generously and features a half-rounded profile, two-way glass encasing ocean blue liquid, 4 types of white sand, and delicate blue glitter. When you rotate the frame, different sand weights create a 3-dimensional effect, enhanced by air bubbles adding a unique charm. Enjoy watching ever-changing scenes come to life and be captivated by the beauty of this masterpiece. Stimulating yet calming, this sand art will provide hours of tranquil delight. 

Size: 9" x 16"
🌟 Wood: Knotty Alder
🌟 Origin: USA

🌟 Availability: Ready to ship in 2 to 5 business days, Rush may be available
Slight variations in color, shape, and size are normal

Creating the best new pictures
1. First, get all the air bubbles to the top of the picture.
2. Level the sand across the picture.
3. Break up the air bubbles into smaller bubbles by gently shaking the pictures up and down (smaller air bubbles create better pictures).
4. Turn over the picture, allowing the air bubbles to trap the sand from flowing too fast. Remember, 'The slower the flow, the better the show.
Moving Sand Art Pictures are soothing and relaxing. Enjoy!!!