Joel Bloomberg is an accomplished artist with a focus on glasswork, particularly in the creation of sculptural and functional artworks. Having started his career in 1980, Bloomberg is largely self-taught in his glass designs, but he has also earned degrees from Palomar College and California State University, Chico, specializing in chemistry, glass, and sculpture.
    Joel Bloomberg Glass Art

    Bloomberg's portfolio includes both site-specific glass sculptures and pieces for galleries, designers, and collectors. Some notable commissions include works for the city of West Hollywood, CA; the Great American Bank in San Diego; and the Gesim Corporation in Calabasas, CA. His creations have been showcased in over 100 galleries and museums in the United States and Canada, including prestigious institutions like the Downey Museum of Art, Los Angeles Museum of Art, and Harvard University Museum of Natural History.

    Jellyfish Wall Sconce Blown Art Glass‎

    The artist's work has left a lasting impact, with pieces being part of the permanent collections at significant locations such as the White House in Washington, DC, and the Corning Museum of Glass. Bloomberg's art is also found in major collections across North America, Japan, and Europe.

    One of his notable series is the Illuminated Jellyfish Series, which features uniquely sculptural jellyfish lamps. These creations are a result of Bloomberg's ongoing exploration of the glass medium, seeking to develop new and unexpected designs and techniques. Each illuminated jellyfish in this series is distinct in color, shape, size, and appearance, requiring a complex combination of blowing, coldworking, and lamination techniques that Bloomberg has honed over the years.

    Bloomberg emphasizes the fundamental relationship between glass and light in his work, stating that "the interplay of glass and light" is crucial to the medium. He sees glasswork as ultimately being about light, where light can reveal subtle qualities of glass and glass can transmit and transform light. The artist's commitment to pushing the boundaries of glass art is evident in the unique and captivating pieces he creates.Interested in experiencing Joel Bloomberg's art? Please see the links below. 


    Blown Glass Splash Bowl
    Blown Glass Splash Vase