Moira Clune - Founder of World's Coolest Rain Gauge

Meet Moira Clune, the visionary entrepreneur and creative mind behind the World's Coolest Rain Gauge. Moira, a small business owner based in Gardiner, New York, has carved her niche in the market by creating a unique and innovative product that combines science and style. Her rain gauges are not just practical but also fun, making them a standout choice for gardeners, weather watchers, gadget geeks, and backyard enthusiasts.
Moira Clune - Founder of World's Coolest Rain Gauge
Background and Philosophy:
Moira established the World's Coolest Rain Gauge Co. in 1998 with a passion for crafting a product that measures rain in a way that resonates with people. Despite having no formal business training, Moira's approach to success is refreshingly simple – focus on creating one great product with care and enthusiasm. She believes in keeping things uncomplicated and stands by the principle of delivering outstanding service along with a remarkable product.

About the World's Coolest Rain Gauge:
Moira's rain gauges are based on the Archimedean Principle of water displacement, making them both ingenious and visually appealing. Produced in the picturesque Hudson Valley in New York, the gauges reflect Moira's commitment to sourcing materials from small, US-based suppliers. The Original Floating Rain Gauges® are not just functional but also make for great gifts, catering to a diverse audience of nature enthusiasts.
World's Coolest Rain Gauge Copper 24"
Women Owned and Locally Crafted:
Moira proudly runs a women-owned business, contributing to the growth of small American companies. With roots in Gardiner, New York, the World's Coolest Rain Gauge Co. ships its products from the USA, ensuring a commitment to quality and supporting local suppliers.

Tips & Troubleshooting:
The World's Coolest Rain Gauge comes with helpful tips and troubleshooting advice. From general usage guidelines to accuracy questions and maintenance, Moira ensures that customers have all the information they need for a seamless experience. The company provides insights into proper gauge placement, accuracy considerations, and even offers solutions for unexpected issues like foam deterioration or mysterious bite marks.

Authenticity and Quality Assurance:
Moira passionately addresses concerns about counterfeit products, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. Customers are advised to purchase directly from the official website, like to ensure they receive genuine and high-quality rain gauges.

Moira Clune's journey as the founder of the World's Coolest Rain Gauge is a testament to the power of simplicity, passion, and a commitment to delivering excellence in both product and service. Her innovative approach to rain measurement has not only made her product a favorite among customers but has also contributed to the thriving landscape of small American businesses.
World's Coolest Rain Gauge Copper 24"24" Resin World's Coolest Rain Gauge Resin World's Coolest Rain Gauge

Tips & Troubleshooting for World's Coolest Rain Gauge®

Welcome to the world of the World's Coolest Rain Gauge! Here are some essential tips and troubleshooting advice to ensure that you get the most out of your rain gauge experience:

General Use:Foam Caution: Do NOT remove the foam from the blue measurement tube. It plays a crucial role in making the Original Floating Rain Gauge® float.
General Use:

Foam Caution: Do NOT remove the foam from the blue measurement tube. It plays a crucial role in making the Original Floating Rain Gauge® float.

Placement Matters: For accurate readings, place your rain gauge at least 15 feet away from buildings, trees, or obstructions. Keep it straight and shielded from strong prevailing winds.

Accuracy Questions:

Varying Results: Rainfall totals can differ over short distances, especially during storms. Nearby obstacles like trees or buildings can deflect rain, causing lower readings. Splashback from walls or plantings can result in higher readings.

Ideal Location: The World Meteorological Organization suggests placing gauges away from strong winds and wind funnels created by tall buildings.

Testing Your Gauge: To test your World's Coolest Rain Gauge®: Remove the blue tube. Pour 2 tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) of water into the container. Gently drop the blue tube back in. It should measure 1 inch.

Tube Troubles:

Non-Rising Tube: Check if the foam float has deteriorated. If so, it needs replacement.

Mysterious Bite Marks: Watch out for mysterious bite marks – potential culprits include raccoons, chipmunks, or squirrels. Consider using non-toxic deterrents like Bitter Apple.

Foam Maintenance: Ensure the foam is even with the bottom of the tube and securely in place. Replace it using a kit or DIY with waterproof household glue or silicone caulk.

Debris Check: Clear any debris like mold, dirt, or sand inside the tube using a soft bottle brush. Do not use lubricants like WD-40.

Cleaning: Occasionally rinse the measurement tube and copper or resin flute. Clean the blue tube and inside of the flute with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly before placing it back outside.

Winter Care:

Copper rain gauges are 100% winter safe, including the blue tube. Resin gauges should come inside if you live in an area with extended freezing periods.

Made in USA:

Plastic rain gauges are 100% made in the USA. Copper gauges are at least 80% made in the USA, supplemented by parts crafted by copper artisans in India during high demand.

Authenticity Check:

Purchase directly from reputable retailers like Eclectic Treasures. Fakes are known for warping, cracking, inaccurate scales, and lack of parts and guarantees.

    Enjoy your rain-measuring adventures with the authentic World's Coolest Rain Gauge!