Patrick Neuwirth of Iron Chinchilla
Patrick Neuwirth commenced crafting Functional Art from metal in 1992 while welding in Des Moines, IA. His hobby quickly caught the attention of an Asian restaurant owner, leading to his first job designing and fabricating 30 tables. Following the success, he established his shop in a friend's garage, self-marketing his unique furniture. Though initially more enriching in experience than income, this venture clarified his lifelong passion. Seeking a change, he moved to Dallas/Ft Worth in 1995, dedicating five years to tinkering with small projects. The turn of the millennium marked a pivotal moment.Patrick Neuwirth
After marrying in May 2000, he left his career as a restaurant manager, rekindling his art business. Despite steady sales, he faced challenges supporting his growing family until a fortuitous encounter in 2001 led to an 8-year partnership. Operating from an 8000 square foot facility, he employed apprentices and showcased his designs at top street festivals. In 2008, realizing the toll of extensive travel and production demands, the partnership dissolved. In 2009, desiring a return to a custom-centered business, Patrick took full control of the Chinchilla, abandoning the large studio and apprentices. This shift, coupled with an expanded online presence, brought the company back to its roots, enhancing efficiency and emphasizing creative, unique designs. Patrick resides in Keller, Texas, with his wife Tina and three beautiful children, expressing gratitude for the blessings of family, art, and creation in his life.