moving sand art pictures

William Tabar stands as the creative mind behind the pioneering Sand Art Designs, having secured the patent for these original creations dating back to 1985. His imaginative and high-quality pieces blend the elements of time, gravity, liquid, and matter, resulting in vibrant works of art suitable for display in any home or office, or as a thoughtful gift. Notably, Exotic Sands pictures consistently claim the top spot as the #1 gift crafted and distributed in the United States year after year.
William Tabar: Innovator of Moving Sand Art Pictures

Each sand picture is meticulously crafted using pristine sands sourced from various corners of the globe. The collection includes black sand from the West African Coast, powder-white sand from the Caribbean shores, emerald-green sand from coastal South America, and coral-pink sand from Southern Utah. The liquid solution used in these captivating pictures is a closely guarded, non-toxic trade secret.
moving sand art pictures

To suit individual preferences, these mesmerizing creations are available in alder wood, cherry wood, or contemporary metal frames, offered in black or silver. The pictures come in five distinct color combinations: ocean blue, summer turquoise, sunset orange, arctic glacier clear, and red volcanic clear all mounted on a swiveling pedestal.
  1. moving sand art pictures
Experience the enchantment by shaking and turning an Exotic Sands picture, witnessing the formation of magical sandscapes that depict visions of mountains, lakes, deserts, and beaches. With each turn, a fresh image emerges, ensuring a perpetual encounter with a unique design.

Prepared to embark on the immersive journey of perpetual change? Explore the entire collection and witness the captivating beauty of Exotic Sands Moving Sand Art Pictures.

**Q&A About Exotic Sands - Moving Sand Art:**

1. **Problem with Old Sand Pictures:** The older sand pictures might not work anymore due to incorrect sealing, leading to solution evaporation over time.

2. **Lifespan of New Sand Pictures:** The new sand pictures, sealed with a "super seal" and a secret solution, are designed to last many years longer than traditional sand pictures.

3. **Difference from Knock-off Competitors:** The genuine sand pictures boast higher quality scenes, materials, and a longer lifespan compared to knock-off competitors.

4. **Display in Direct Sunlight:** Though feasible, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight might gradually fade the liquid's color over several years. Back lighting enhances viewing.

5. **Bubbles in the Picture:** A detergent in the solution creates bubbles, similar to dish soap in water. These bubbles disperse over time.

6. **Creating the Best Scene:** Manipulate bubbles and sand flow to achieve the desired scene. Smaller bubbles produce a more appealing display.

7. **Sand Falls Unevenly:** Uneven sand movement, with some sand staying above, creates effects resembling lakes and oceans, enhancing the exotic scenery.

8. **Separation of Black and White Sand:** Due to the differing specific gravity, the black sand falls faster and dominates the white sand, always resulting in separation.

9. **Origin of Moving Sand Picture:** The Moving Sand Picture originated in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1985 by William Tabar.

10. **Inventor of Moving Sand Art Pictures:** William Tabar patented his invention in 1987, solidifying his contribution to the art form.

11. **Authenticity of Sand Pictures at Eclectic Treasures:** Yes, sand art pictures sold at Eclectic Treasures are crafted by William Tabar and his team.

For more information about Exotic Sands by William Tabar or to acquire these captivating sand art pictures, reach out to authorized retailers like Eclectic Treasures.