Moving Sand Pictures Red Volcanic Clear Sm. Cherry Wood


Admire the amazing beauty of the Red Volcanic Clear Small Moving Sand Picture. This elegant combination of art and motion is encased in double-strength glass and framed with high-quality cherry wood. Its half-rounded profile is finely handcrafted to provide both round and flat sides. Enjoy the mesmerizing blend of black and powder white sands, accented by fine red glitter, as enchanting air bubbles cause the sands to move gracefully, revealing ever-changing, one-of-a-kind scenes. The sands never mix due to their differing weights, creating a captivating 3D effect. This 7”x9” piece offers moments of contemplation and wonder.

🌟 Size: 7" x 9"
Wood: Cherry
🌟 Origin: USA

🌟 Availability: Ready to ship in 2 to 5 business days, Rush may be available
Slight variations in color, shape, and size are normal

Creating the best new pictures
1. First, get all the air bubbles to the top of the picture.
2. Level the sand across the picture.
3. Break up the air bubbles into smaller bubbles by gently shaking the pictures up and down (smaller air bubbles create better pictures).
4. Turn over the picture, allowing the air bubbles to trap the sand from flowing too fast. Remember, 'The slower the flow, the better the show.
Moving Sand Art Pictures are soothing and relaxing. Enjoy!!!