Outer Banks NC Ornament (Papier Blanc)


Deck your halls with a coastal vibe with the Outer Banks NC Ornament in Papier Blanc. This wooden wonder, crafted by the talented artists at Fire & Pine, is sure to elevate your holiday decor game. Hang it on your tree or gift it to a fellow fan of this beloved coastal destination, and you'll be spreading joy and charm like never before. With fine craftsmanship and delicate details, this ornament is more than just a keepsake - it's a true work of art that embodies the spirit of the Outer Banks. Made 100% in the USA, each piece is unique due to the nature of wood and the process.

🌟 Size: 4" x 5"
🌟 Origin: USA

🌟 Availability: Ready to ship in 3 to 4 business days, Rush may be available
Slight variations in color, shape, and size are normal Every Fire & Pine piece is made 100% in the USA. Due to the nature of wood and the process, every piece will be unique.