Radiant Cross Patrick Neuwirth Iron Chinchilla

Color: Red

The Radiant Cross, crafted in Keller, Texas by Patrick Neuwirth of Iron Chinchilla, is an artistic representation of our purpose in the world. The gracefully intertwining metal vine is adorned with a resplendent heart, illuminated in Red, Green, Temper, or Temper Brass. This exquisite piece serves as a reminder of our aspiration to live with abundant love and luminosity, reflected in the intricate swirls of color that glimmer under light. Each cross is hand-bent and welded with carbon steel, ensuring unparalleled uniqueness. Available in two sizes, approx. 16x9 and approx 10x6, these crosses are more than mere decorations; they emanate warmth and affection, infusing any space with the gentle glow of love. Perfect for commemorating weddings or anniversaries, these crosses transcend materiality, becoming cherished symbols of enduring significance. Let the Radiant Cross serve as a reminder of our boundless capacity to illuminate the world with love and light.

🌟 Approx 10" x 6"
🌟 Approx. 16" x 9"
🌟 Origin: USA

🌟 Availability: Made-to-order item, Ready to ship in 4 to 7 business days, with a rush option available.
Variations in color, shape, and size are to be expected and serve as a testament to the artisanal nature of the product.