Kaleidoscope Artists N and J

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Jean Schilling and Nancy Koscheski

N & J Kaleidoscopes

   Handcrafted Kaleidoscopes by Nancy & Jean Our kaleidoscopes are designed and produced in Arkansas and Iowa as a joint effort by Jean Schilling and Nancy Koscheski, from both domestic and foreign components. We cut and assemble mirrors, make wheels, fill chambers, assembling all parts into finished kaleidoscopes and teleidoscopes. Nancy Koscheski has 18 years experience working in the kaleidoscope business, marketing and producing kaleidoscopes for another company. After seeing many hundreds of types of kaleidoscopes we decided to design and market our own, and desire to make products that are beautifully crafted. Jean Schilling brings over 20 years of floral design and florist retail experience to the art and business of kaleidoscopes. Married to a successful kaleidoscope retailer, Jean recognized the need for an affordable, well crafted kaleidoscope. Jean teamed up with Nancy Koscheski to seize the opportunity to launch this fabulous line of kaleidoscopes in March of '07. Jean closed her floral business in July of '07 and loves the combination of design, craft and business in handcrafting kaleidoscopes Nancy & Jean       Click Here to get your Kaleidoscopes by N & J Enterprises