Moving Sand Art Pictures by William Tabar of Exotic Sands

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        William Tabar started creating his kinetic sand pictures in 1985 in Salt Lake City.  In the beginning, there was sand and water.  Then there was Exotic Sands by William Tabar, and the sands started flowing.Sand Pictures designed by William Tabar is the creator andinventor of the original handcrafted sand art designs that combine time, gravity, matter and motion to form fascinating ever-changing works of art. William Tabar's Exotic Sands Sand Art ascend into mountains and glaciers, lakes and oceans, deserts and beaches.  They soothe the psyche while they stimulate the imagination. Sand pictures by Exotic Sands Sand Art arehandcrafted with seven beautiful colored sands from around the world.  Black  from the African coast, white sands from New Mexico, green from South America and coral pink sands from Southern Utah.   A quality knotty alder wood frame  seals a highly guarded, non-toxic solution. Turn one over and the process begins creating a new sand picture with each new turn. Choose from three liquid colors, ocean blue, summer turquoise and sunset orange.  Moving Sand Art available in three sizes and all styles include a swiveling pedestal. Specifically styled for any office or home.  The unique high styled alder and cherry wood frames will adapt to the decor in any home.  Exotic Sands, sand pictures are the Perfect Gift.

Quality is every concern artist William Tabar, the designer and original patent holder of the sand picture in 1987.  ”Perfection is the goal!  The liquid solution, air bubbles, sand combinations and framing will hold Exotic Sands as the ultimate sand picture company in the world”. 

Sand Soothes, enjoy

 Questions About Exotic Sands Sand Art:

Q:  I have an old Sand Art, Sand Picture from years ago but it doesn't seem to work anymore?
A:  All of the old Sand Art, Sand Picture from years ago have the same problem.  The pictures weren't sealed correctly and the solution was able to evaporate through the seal over time.
Q:  How long will these Sand Art, Sand Picture last?
A:  Many years longer than traditional old Sand Pictures.  Because of  "super seal" and highly guarded trade secret solution.  These new Sand pictures will give years of enjoyment.
Q:  What is the difference between these genuine Sand Art, Sand Picture and knock off competitors?
A:  The main difference is the quality of the scenes that these Sand Art, Sand Picture create, they are also made of higher quality materials.   Also these genuine Sand Pictures will last many years longer than the competitors pictures.
Q:  Can I display my Sand Art, Sand Picture in direct sunlight in the window?
A:  Yes, but over several years the UV rays will fade the color of the liquid some.  Back lighting from sunlight or a lamp inhances viewing.
Q:  Why does the air in the Sand Art, Sand Picture become one big bubble over the course of a few days?
A:  There is a detergent in the solution that helps create bubbles when the Sand Art, Sand Picture is agated or shaken.  Like dish soap in water the bubbles only last for awhile until re-agatated.
Q:  How can I create the best scene?
A:  By getting all the bubbles to the top of the picture, then shaking the picture to create small air bubbles (the smaller the bubbles the better).  Level the sand, then when the picture is turned over make sure the bubbles go all across the picture trapping the sand momentarily.  Sometimes it could take a few minutes before the sand breaks through the bubbles.  Remember "the slower the flow the better the show".
Q:  Sometimes half of the sand falls and the other half stays above, why is this?
A:  This is a good thing, when the air traps some of the sands above it creates effects of  Lakes and Oceans.  The scene is more exotic.
Q:  Will the black and white sand always separate?
A:  Yes, because the specific gravity of the black sand is twice that of the white sand, the black sand falls faster and dominates the white sand always creating separation.
Q:  Where did the Moving Sand Picture originate?
A:  The Moving Sand Picture originated in Salt Lake City Utah, in 1985 by William Tabar.
Q: Who invented the Moving Sand Art Pictures
A:  The Inventor  of the Moving Sand Art Picture  is William Tabar. William Tabar patented his wonderful invention in 1987
Q:  Are the sand pictures sold at Eclectic Treasures. genuine Sand Art, Sand Picture?
A:  Yes William Tabar, and his talented staff makes each of the sand art pictures sold at Eclectic Treasures

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