Brian Kidwell "the toy maker"

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 Brian Kidwell

 "the toy maker"

Brian Kidwell, known as "The Toy Maker", is following in his father’s footprints creating Toy maker fantasy art pieces. As his father’s apprentice Brian Kidwell was exposed to the Fine Arts at an early age, as his father who studied on a National Arts Scholarship, at the Corcoran Institute of Art in Washington D.C., worked with Brian at his side. Brian Kidwell was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but now resides in Texas. While most sculptors work in traditional materials of bronze or stone, Brian Kidwell uses a variety of found and recycled objects. He has an amazing talent to perceive a finished design in fragments of antique metals, pieces of toys and wood. Heirloom toys and dolls are fashioned from hand carved wood, copper, shiny brass, and faux furs and fabrics. Every one is sculpted and tenderly sewn and embellished, and carefully melded together creating strictly one of a kind creations. His nostalgic and whimsical works demonstrate the timeless fanciful like humor of the human condition, which persists even in this computer age. His presentations have included a one man show at The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. Brian Kidwell is most well known for his celebration pieces such as his Holiday Santas, but his inspired touch does not stop there ~ From his one of a kind deep-sea divers, to the amusing chef in a hot air balloon, or his intriguing Halloween pieces; each piece of Brian’s work brings a grin to all that come into contact with his carefree environmentally friendly imaginative creations. Brian Kidwell's intriguing objects can be found in galleries, restaurants, and private collections around the world. We are pleased to offer the largest collection of Brian Kidwell's work on the web. With our close working relationship we can also offer personals touches as well as special orders. We here at Eclectic Treasures are very happy to recommend to you the fine art of Mr. Brian Kidwell. Brian Kidwell's Art is completely made in the USA.  View the art of Brian Kidwell