Joel Bloomberg's Jellyfish Double Dome Table Lamp

Color Examples: Cobalt


Joel Bloomberg's Jellyfish Double Dome Table Lamp, with 12 alluring color options available. The grace and beauty of jellyfish are best suited to the art of blown glass, and this 40-watt lamp serves both a decorative and practical purpose. Control is made easy with its two-way switch. Joel Bloomberg, a renowned artisan, first opened his studio in the 1980s, creating both functional and sculptural pieces. His Jellyfish Lamps feature his signature lamination technique, producing a multicolored spectrum when the light is adjusted. Each bulb is handmade, measuring 21 x 13 inches. Transform your home with this brilliant lighting and bring the charm of the ocean inside.

This artist is retiring soon, and only a limited selection of colors remains. Order now to secure these unique treasures while they last!

🌟 Availability: Made-to-order item, Ready to ship in 3 to 6 weeks, with a rush option available.