In 1999, Vega Metals founders Neal Carlton and Francis Vega embarked on a creative venture, establishing Cricket Forge. Specializing in handcrafted indoor and outdoor furnishings, their products gained national recognition, forming lifelong friendships and collaborations. Despite Francis' passing in 2013, Cricket Forge endured under the guidance of Neal Carlton and Francis' wife, Cindy.
Cricket Forge at Eclectic Treasures
The name "Cricket Forge" symbolizes good luck, wealth, companionship, and happiness associated with crickets in various cultures. The "Forge" pays homage to crickets near blacksmith forges in their workshop.
The History of Cricket Forge
In 2018, the torch was passed to dedicated employees Jonathan Paschall, Aaron Earley, and James Dudley. Their commitment to craftsmanship, creativity, and community carries on the legacy.
By 2019, Cricket Forge moved to a larger facility in Durham after nearly 30 years downtown. This expansion provides room and inspiration to continue crafting beloved pieces and exploring new, exciting designs. The journey of Cricket Forge is a testament to passion, creativity, and the enduring spirit of artistry.