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Round Sand Pictures Lg. Cherry Wood Orange Sunset

Round Sand Pictures Lg. Cherry Wood Orange Sunset

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This 11"x11"x3/4" Round Moving Sand Picture boasts a spectacular array of colors and textures. Encased in double-strength glass, Sunset Orange liquid and four shades of white sand are accented with a hint of fine blue glitter. The cherry wood frame coupled with the cradle design adds a luxurious touch. With each rotation, air bubbles carry the sands, revealing new scenes that can change in minutes or over hours. The differing weights of the black and white sands keep them separate, creating a captivating dynamic display. Opaque and transparent sands add further depth and dimension to this soothing, three-dimensional artwork. Bringing a tranquil ambiance, the Sunset Orange Round Moving Sand Picture is the perfect addition to your space.

🌟 Size: 11"x 11" x3/4"
🌟 Wood:Cherry
🌟 Origin: USA

🌟 Availability: Ready to ship in 2 to 5 business days, Rush may be available
Slight variations in color, shape and size are normal

Creating the best new pictures
1. First get all of the air bubbles to the top of the picture.
2. Level the sand across the picture
3. Break up the air bubbles into smaller bubbles gently shaking the pictures in an up and down motion (smaller air bubbles create better pictures).
4. Turn over the picture allowing the air buddies to trap the sand from flowing to fast “The slower the flow the better there show”
Moving Sand Art Pictures are soothing and relaxing. Enjoy!!!
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