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  • Coolest Rain Gauge Resin  24"
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    Coolest Rain Gauge Resin 24"

    24" Resin World's Coolest Rain Gauge Everything you love about the World's Coolest Rain Gauge at a lower price, thanks to the magic of resin. The stake is still 1/4" powder coated steel, the measurement tube is still indestructible polycarbonate. 

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  • Copper Rain Gauge Tabletop Coolest Rain Gauge 9"

    The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge — Patio Ready! The Original Floating Rain Gauge™ Tabletop Edition!
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  • Deck World's Coolest Rain Gauge Resin 8"

    8" Deck Resin World's Coolest Rain Gauge Our most affordable -- and versatile -- option. This molded resin rain gauge can be mounted on a fence or deck rail or pushed right into the soil of a garden bed or pot. It comes ready to install with 2 brass wood screws. It has all the fun and fabulous floating functionality of its pricier cousins in a compact, economical package.    

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  • Rain Gauge 9" Resin Tabletop Coolest Rain Gauge

    The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge Durable Resin — Patio Ready! Tabletop Edition!

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  • World's Coolest Rain Gauge Copper 24"

    World's Coolest Rain Gauge 24" Copper It's the original floating rain gauge. Designed and made entirely in the USA, this award-winning rain gauge measures up to 6" of precipitation in a stylish and totally fun fashion. It's handcrafted of solid copper, steel and unbreakable polycarbonate. The World's Coolest Rain Gauge is practical, fun...and very cool!

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