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 A gift for anyone who has ever touched your life

The Blessings Bowl  Give a gift that counts.
By giving a Blessings Bowl you give not only the gift of gratitude, 
but also the seeds to spread and increase gratitude everywhere.



The Mission: To take one thing and make it more, to invest it with joy and spirit and warmth, to wrap it in your hands and mold it with your love, to turn it loose and watch it make its way is to spread joy on earth. 

The History: Blessings Bowls is the creation of two women who have lived on this earth for many years, crossed paths many times, and finally found a way to work together creating their dream. Connie and Susan are mothers, wives, friends, and volunteers who are completely committed to running a company that reflects their love of life and of the world we live in. Blessings Bowls works to hire artisans who love their craft, companies who support people with disabilities, and people who share its vision. Blessings Bowls is also committed to sharing its profits with people in situations of need, and strives to support all organizations who do the same. By purchasing a Blessings Bowl, you insure that the recipient will be touched, your own gratitude will increase, and people in difficult circumstances will be helped.  Life is full of blessings: give the gift of gratitude, and let the seeds spread.

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When we count our blessings, we find the Work Activity Center at the very top of our list. They coordinate and teach an incredible team of people, those who actually put together our sets. The Work Activity Center is an organization dedicated to assisting adults with disabilities by teaching them job skills and providing work opportunities for them. They guide these workers through the process of creating a Blessings Bowl®set.

The Blessings Bowl company strive to create partnerships with companies who share our vision, and who, along with us, are shaping our communities with a healthy awareness of human dignity. To learn more about programs at the Work Activity Center, please click on the link above and you will be directed to their website. The remainder of this page is dedicated to other blessings, some of ours and some of yours. We created this area for you to share blessings with others, or for you to gather ideas to start your own Blessings Bowls®Blessings abound in this world . . . they are every place we look, every second we listen, and every time we gather with those we love.

Meaning Of The Word Blessing

Blessing: bless·ing
Function: noun
1 a : the act or words of one that blesses 
2 : a thing conducive to happiness or welfare
3 : to confer prosperity or happiness upon

Are you ready to make gratitude part of the gifts you give?

The Blessings Bowl
A way to acknowledge those who have shared of themselves with you,
this unique gift emphasizes personal blessings and gratitude for those
who share their blessings with others


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