Natural Bath Bombs Fizzies (6 Pack)

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Natural Handmade Bath Bombs Fizzies  Who doesn’t need a little relaxation? Pour yourself a glass of wine and turn on some relaxing music. You’re almost ready for that relaxing night in! Now run a warm bath and drop in one of our bath bomb fizzies. Then sit back and enjoy as your stress vanishes away in an aromatherapeutic spa experience in your very home with our luxurious bath bomb fizzies.

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Natural Handmade Bath Bombs Fizzies  Every scent is delightful and every bath bomb fizzy is packed with skin-loving avocado oil, organic or food-grade ingredients, and phthalate and sulfate-free fragrances. Hand-crafted in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, these bath fizzies weigh in at about 2 ounces each and come packaged in a biodegradable egg carton. These handcrafted bath bomb fizzies come in six delightful seaside fragrances that will delight, soothe, and relax.

Aloe + Clover - A blend of bright greens and fresh citrus
Avobath - Lively lemongrass and a spark of bergamot - inspired by the Lush fragrance.
Black Currant + Pomegranate - Sparkling greens surrounded by sassy pomegranate.
Island Time - Top notes of ocean, middle notes of coconut, finishing with a sweet grapefruit.
Lavender - A lovely, relaxing fragrance - perfect for right before bed to bring on sweet dreams.
Sandalwood - Dark and mysterious

So.....what's in these and why?

Baking Soda - (sodium bicarbonate) - Makes bath water more alkaline and leaves the skin feeling silky.
Citric Acid - Works with the baking soda to balance the PH. Also, it works with the baking soda and water to produce the wonderful fizzing feeling.
Avocado Oil - A light oil that moisturizes and soothes the skin. Since this oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, it may be effective in easing minor skin conditions.
Essential Oils - This provides the wonderful fragrance unique to each bomb OR
Fragrance Oils - Not all essential oils are skin safe. Fragrance oils are formulated to be skin safe and certainly offer more choices. Personal choice - go with what feels best to you!
Bath bomb colorants - skin safe, cosmetic grade dyes. They do not stain a clean tub or your skin. They may leave a little color on a white towel, but it washes out.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Non-GMO Citric Acid, Avocado Oil, Distilled Water, Fragrance, Water Soluble Colorant
Fragrance: Sea Salt, Lime in the Coconut, Ocean Breeze, Island Time, Beach Bum, Tranquility
Size: approx. 2 oz each
Style: Handcrafted Bath Bomb Fizzy
Origin:  USA Hand-crafted in NC
Availability: Ready to ship in 1 to 3 business days, Rush may be available
Note: As all items are handmade and there will be slight variations in size, shape, and color. Some small cracks may happen in shipping, but will not affect the quality when placed in water. Cracks are not a defect.

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    As Shown 6 Assorted, Aloe + Clover (6), Avobath (6), Black Currant + Pomegranate (6), Island Time (6), Lavender (6), Sandalwood (6)
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      My products are natural, pure, and honest. I use organic products and higher end essential oils that while may be a touch more expensive, i feel good about using and selling to anyone.
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      Natural Pure Honest ... Bath, Body, Candles
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  • Melanie
    Mar 11, 2020, 09:42 AM
    Love my bath bombs! Thank you for the amazing soap, ordering more now :)

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