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We are seeking artists and craft persons who wish to be represented by displaying their work on our online gallery. There is no charge for gallery representation or internet representation, other than a commission on sales negotiated between the Gallery and the Artist or Crafts Person. Be sure to read below before submitting your Art or Crafts. If you need help, have a question or do not understand, please contact us.
Anyone who wants to exhibit their art and crafts at Eclectic Treasures, is welcome to submit. We are always seeking artists and crafts persons whose work would complement our existing artisans and crafters, whose work we believe has a market here, and whose work would represent the gallery well and enhance our reputation. Obviously, we also want to be able to enhance your reputation as well!
What can be submitted?
Any style or medium of art may be submitted except that which is overtly pornographic or objectionable. All art is subject for approval for display. We reserve the right to reject any art that does not meet our needs and/or standards. Our primary focus is to find artists and craft persons with unique work to exhibit and sell. We are in the business of selling art and fine crafts, but we also are interested in exhibitions that raise consciousness and exposure of our customers to Art. We seek win, win relationships with artists where we: (a) serve the artist; and (b) delight our customers while expanding their vision of and exposure to art and fine crafts.
There is no fee to submit or exhibit art. Once a buyer has purchased an art piece only then do we retain a percentage consignment fee, negotiated in advance with each artist and crafts person. Upon receipt of payment, the payment is held in our account until the art is received and inspected and the sale is approved. Upon receipt of the art, the Buyer has three days to have their own expert inspect the work and notify us that the work of art is acceptable and the sale is approved. (We offer a return privilege to each of customers within 14 days from the delivery date of all merchandise.) Upon approval of the sale and funds successfully transferred (a maximum of 30 days), we will release the funds to the Seller less the consignment fee.
It is the artist's and crafts persons responsibility to price there artwork and craft. We do not appraise art the Artists or Crafts person must take into account our fee when pricing there art. The customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs. All items must be shipped within the timeframe agreed-upon by the artist or crafter an Eclectic Treasures, The artist or crafts person is responsible for any damages of artwork to the customer and the return off unsold items. Proper packaging and shipping is essential so the artwork does not get damaged during delivery.
By submitting your art or craft you will agree to these terms, including that it is your original art or craft and that you are the author and creator of that art or craft. You cannot sell works at Eclectic Treasures, that another person (living or deceased) has created even if you are the owner. It must be your own original works. By submitting your art or craft you are agreeing to our consignment fee that Eclectic Treasures, will retain upon the sell of that art or crafts to a buyer. Do not ship unsolicited art or crafts to the gallery. If we accept your submission, your work will be featured on our online gallery and we will keep the right to advertise the images featured on, giving proper recognition to the artist. We will do our best to market your work as well, and most of our artists or crafters can speak on our behalf how hard we work to help sell your art and or craft. If you have any questions on these policies, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss any terms to best work with you and help you market your art or craft. We believe in working toward a win-win arrangement with our artists and crafters in maintaining the best possible ethics in working with artists, crafters and consumers.
Take a well-lit photograph of your art piece. Your art should be the focus of the photograph, not the background. Depending on what type of art piece you are submitting, the background may be edited out. A nice background can complement an outdoor sculpture and frame it, but should not be more visible than your art. We recommend using a good digital camera to take your photograph. Remember that collectors will be viewing your art for purchase and you want to show them the best representation you can. Please provide a minimum of three images of what you consider to be your best or most representative work. These should be sent as 72dpi Jpeg format only and at a minimum size of 600 pixels over the largest width or depth. We may ask for new photos to represent your work. These photos will be used for advertisements, promotions, and web sales. We also ask for a self portrait and bio on all artist and crafts person that are accepted Please use the following submission form to submit your art or crafts to Eclectic Treasures

 By submitting your work to our site you consent to our online terms & conditions listed above

We thank you for your Interest and look forward to viewing your work.

DISCLAIMER: Eclectic Treasures reserves the right to update or modify its policies at anytime without prior notice. For this reason, it is recommended that you view this page often to stay informed of any changes.  How To Submit Your Art & Crafts - Eclectic Treasures
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