holiday decor "SALE" Wine Country Santa

"SALE" Wine Country Santa

"SALE" Wine Country Santa
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Id. Code Wine Country Santa
Artist Mini Bio Terrie Richards & Kale Bassler Art is completely made in the USA. & where featured in the Better Homes and Gardens Santa issue!
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Hand Crafted Wine Country Santa dolls is all hand sculpted original creations by Northwest Santa Creations Terrie Richards & Kale Bassler. The sculpting medium is a manly made clay and using only high quality glass eyes to give them that realistic twinkle. Each creation is individually assembled with the bodies constructed of wood, wire, foam and padding.The beard and hair material is attach depends on what we feel is the most appropriate for the look we are trying to achieve. It may be Tibetan Lamb, Sheepskin wool, Mohair, Icelandic wool or even synthetic.

Code: NS/414 Wine Country Santa w/ Removable Hat
Size: Approximately 24"x7"x10"
Style: Hand-sculpted Original
Origin:  USA
Handcrafted Santa features:
* handmade craftsmanship
* a lifelike hand-sculpted face
* an original costume
* contemporary and heirloom adornments

Northwest Santa Creations
Imagine doing something you love, then imagine someone wanted to pay you for it, and then imagine being able to work with your best friend each day... well, that's us, and we realize how lucky we are. We met over 20 years ago, working at a Coeur d' Alene, Idaho supermarket. Our chitchat in the office grew into discussions about different types of Art and collectibles. We then began joint visits to local art shows and crafts festivals. The more we saw, the more we were driven to create our own artwork. In our learning process we have made everything from Sock Monkeys, stuffed folk art dolls, floral arrangements, and hand crafted wooden doll furniture. However, being that we are Christmas enthusiasts at heart, we found that what we really wanted to make were the high quality, one of a kind, Santa's that we had seen, admired, and wanted for our own collections. This brought us to create our first Santa Claus. This meant we had to take the skills we had already acquired to a higher level. Hand sculpting quality faces, hands and feet. Creating individual wood and wire armatures, and then designing hand made costumes. Because of our experience of working with so many diverse media, we were delighted to find that we were both very adept at sculpting faces. During the sculpting process there is that magical moment when the piece seems to come alive. We find the lines and wrinkles of age we sculpt into the faces fascinating. They are the character lines, the record of living.
Northwest Santa Creations
Terrie Richards
Kale Bassler
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