Erik Jorgensen Woodworking

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Erik Jorgensen

Erik lives on the coast of Virginia with his wife and two sons. Woodworking started out as a way to relax after a hard day at the office. It has now turned into a full time career. Most of the wood purchased is from local vendors. Endangered species are not used. Some of the wood is recycled from tree surgeons who remove it for natural or safety reasons. Some of the wood is one of a kind, therefore, will not be found anywhere else in the USA. Woodworking at home is a way of life I very much enjoy and I now spend more precious time with my family than I have ever been able to before. I now get to see all the soccer games, tennis matches, football games, and other after school activities that most parents miss because they are hard at work and not at home. Selecting woods that are not only unusual but are spectacular in grain figure is one aspect of creating one of a kind pieces. Many of the batches of wood purchased contain both the heart and sap wood from the tree. The sap wood in most exotic trees has a major color contrast to the center part of the tree. This color is typically white and adds great character to the gift items. To the left is a picture of Erik in the shop producing wine bottle stoppers on a mini lathe. Lathe work is an interesting part of woodworking because it allows the wood to speak to the artist and that is why each item made is unique in design. Wood grain and texture has a great deal to do with how an object will turn out. 

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