holiday decor Santa's Jolly Jalopy

Santa's Jolly Jalopy

Santa's Jolly Jalopy
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Id. Code TT-SJJ
Artist Mini Bio Each sculpture completely hand-crafted in the USA. Brian Kidwell restores antique toys and dolls, carves wood, shapes copper and shiny brass, collects furs and fabrics, and sculpts and sews, all that work goes into creating his unique creations


Santa's Jolly Jalopy by Brian Kidwell  Oh what a stylish sight Santa is in this classic hot rod all trimmed out in brass and full of toys for young girls and boys. Each an originals a work of found object art sculptures, each is completely hand made, so each is unique details may differ. A special gift for the Santa collector or for that festive holiday display!

Code: TT-SJJ
Size:  26"H x 25"L x 13"W
Style: Mixed Media  (tabletop sculpture)
Origin:  USA
Availability: Made to order item, Ready to ship in 3 to 6 weeks, Rush may be available
Slight variations in color, shape and size are normal
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