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Question: What is the blessing bowl? 

Answer: The Blessing Bowl is a vessel to share caring, love, thoughtfulness, compassion, joy, feelings, gratitude, and more.The Blessing Bowl is a beautiful bowl--polished aluminum, crackled bubble glass, or hand-thrown stoneware--that holds written acknowledgment of the blessings in your life. The most meaningful gift you'll ever receive, the Blessings Bowl is a gift of gratitude, a way to connect with our spirituality, a customized gift that celebrates life's blessings. So often we forget to tell people in our life how much they mean, the Blessing Bowl gives you the opportunity to tell them how important they are.

Question: What occasions are good to give the Blessing Bowl?
Answer: The Blessing Bowl is the perfect gift for all occasions, anniversary, weddings, graduation, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, baby gifts, family reunions, retirements, holidays, healing, new home, appreciation, congratulation, memories, friendship, sympathy, gatherings, memorials, and more
Question: What is in the Blessings Bowl gift set?

Answer: Elegant paper and pen, rich ribbon and poetry, a handmade bowl, a distinguished box with ribbon closure, and the opportunity to touch someone else's life.  Instructions guide you gently through the process of creating your gift, and set you on the path of spreading gratitude and awareness of the richness of our interconnected lives.

Question: How does it work?
Answer: The Blessings Bowl set allows you, the gift-giver, to personalize a paper scroll describing how the recipient has somehow touched your life. Poetry encourages the recipient to add their own scrolls to the bowl, documenting ways they believe they are blessed. The end result: a beautiful bowl full of reminders of the richness of their life
Question: Where are the Blessing Bowls put together and by whom?
Answer: The blessing Bowl is assembled in Utah at the Work Activity Center which is an organization dedicated to assisting adults with disabilities by teaching them job skills and providing work opportunities for them. They guide these workers through the process of creating the Blessings Bowl set.

Question: What are some sample Blessings?

Answer: Your laughter brightens my days.
Your enthusiasm for life lifts my spirits.
Your very presence in this world is a gift from God.
Your joyful optimism is a beacon that brings me home.
Your peaceful acceptance of all life sends your way guides my own journey.
Your knowledge of my soul frees me to be me.
Our lives are blessed by your very existence.
Your willingness to guide and to teach enable me to reach for my dream.
The grace and light that surround you fill me with warmth and joy.
Your love for our family is a beautiful gift.
I'm blessed with a joyful ache in my heart when my children are away.
. . . your ability to love me for me . . .
. . . our uncomplicated love for each other . . .
. . . the unexpected phone calls from far away friends . . .
. . . the trees and life outside my windows . . .
. . . a warm fire during the coldest nights . . .
. . . wonderful memories of laughter and beaches and 
      roasting marshmallows . . .
. . . a childhood and youth full of joy I want to recreate for my own children . . .
. . . friends and good wine and long fall evenings . . .
. . . the glisten of bright sunlight on blue water . . .
. . . the comfort and protection of my home . . .
. . . the light from stars and moons that guide a midnight walk .

Question: What is a Manifestation Bowl?

Answer: The Manifestation Bowl is the visual reminder of this great gift, our ability to create.  A receptacle for representations of what we want to bring into our life, this bowl provides a focus for our creative abilities.  Charged with a positive life-force energy and graced with inspiring words and a spiral charm, this set is a powerful gift for oneself or others.  The intricately patterned box comes with a handsome ribbon for gift-giving ~ even if the gift is for oneself ~ and the poem card doubles as an inspirational bookmark if desired.


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