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  7'' Teleidoscope Teak/Ebony

 7" Lighthouse Kaleidoscope - Black

 7" Lighthouse Kaleidoscope - Blue
  7''Double Wheel Kaleidoscope

7 3/4'' Brass & Rosewod Kaleidoscope

6''Kaleidoscope Padauk Spiral



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Proud Member of the Brewster Society

When Sir David Brewster invented the Kaleidoscope, surely he could not see the future thru his Kaleidoscope of what they have become today. From the 1800's to the 1900's and modern scopes of today these scopes of musical, wood, oil, art, abstract, custom, and engrave able and the many designs of today will amaze you when looking thru you see shapes, designs and patterns of swirling, spinning hypnotic rotating colors in motion that will dazzle and amaze you. So when you purchase a Kaleidoscope, at Eclectic Treasures for yourself or gifts for friends or even corporate gifts you will be assured these scopes will be of quality that would make Charles Bush and even Sir David Brewster proud.

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