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Blessings Bowl

Stoneware Blessings Bowl

ideal for all occasions


Stoneware Blessings Bowl

Hand-thrown Stoneware Gift Set includes Gift Box with Bronze Iridescent Ribbon, Poem Card with Charm, 12 Sepia Parchment Papers, 12 Lengths of Suede Ribbon, Pen, Stoneware Bowl (approximate bowl size 5.5"W x 7"L x 2.5"H) and Instructions for Recipient.  This Blessings Bowl is Ideal  for all Occasions
Code: B2SB102W
Size: 5.5"x 7"x 2.5"
Color: Brown with Bluish hues
Style: Stoneware Blessing Bowl
Origin:  USA

Occasions to Give A Blessings Bowl

Just a Thought of You

Religious Celebrations
Women's Friendship Day (Sep 15)
World Peace Day (Sep 21)
World Smile Day (Oct 6)
Grandparents' Day (Sep 12)
Gifts for Business
Girls Scouts Day (Mar 12)
Good Friday (Mar 25)

Teacher Day (September, 5th.)
Thinking of You
Thanksgiving (Nov 25) 

Friendship Day (Aug 1)
Friendship and Goodwill Week (Oct 25-31)
Forgiveness Day (Aug 5)

and more!!!

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Often called blessings bowl, blessing bowls  or blessing bowl  this is a unique, meaningful and sentimental gift of gratitude. The Blessings Bowl is a beautiful personal way to reflect on life's blessings and truly a very meaningful gift. The Blessing Bowl is the perfect gift for all occasions, anniversary, weddings, graduation, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, baby gifts, family reunions, retirements, holidays, healing, new home, appreciation, congratulation, memories, friendship, sympathy, gatherings, memorials, and more. The Blessings Bowl is a very symbolic gift that lets others know how special they are to you.  The Blessings Bowl's are handmade in glass, hand-thrown stoneware and in polished metal   

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