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Blessings Bowl

Blessings Bowl For Baby

              blue for boy, pink for girl & lavender for boy or girl

Blessings Bowl for Baby

The Blessings Bowl for Baby has a slightly different twist: its purpose is to confer a wish, hope, or blessings upon the newborn. The perfect gift for showers, baptisms, and new births, this set has rich double-faced satin ribbon and sweetly elegant poetry. The Blessings Bowl for Baby allows the giver to pass a wish along to the baby, and encourages the parents to fill the rest of the scrolls with other wishes for their baby. A great shower gift, the Blessings Bowl for Baby is made of polished aluminum with a pastel enamel lining, and is available in three different color themes: pastel pink, baby blue, or lavender.

Code: B2BB
Size: 4.5" x 5.5"x 2.5"
Color: Aluminum/ Pink, Blue or Lavender
Style: Small Blessings Bowl
Origin:  USA

     Occasions to give a Blessings Bowl

New Babies

Incredible Kid Day (Mar 15)

Blessings Bowl for a Baby Girl

Blessings Bowl for a Baby Boy
Thank You
Thinking of You 
You nurtured me
Valentine (Feb, 14)
Religious Celebrations
Women's Friendship Day (Sep 15)
Grandparents' Day (Sep 12)
Gifts for Business
Girls Scouts Day (Mar 12)
Kiss and Make Up Day (Aug 25)
Love & Romance Independence da

and more!!!

Often called blessings bowl, blessing bowls  or blessing bowl  this is a unique, meaningful and sentimental gift of gratitude. The Blessings Bowl is a beautiful personal way to reflect on life's blessings and truly a very meaningful gift. The Blessing Bowl is the perfect gift for all occasions, anniversary, weddings, graduation, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, baby gifts, family reunions, retirements, holidays, healing, new home, appreciation, congratulation, memories, friendship, sympathy, gatherings, memorials, and more. The Blessings Bowl is a very symbolic gift that lets others know how special they are to you.  The Blessings Bowl's are handmade in glass, hand-thrown stoneware and in polished metal   

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