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art in motion kinetic sand pictures a new picture with every turn



ES311R Ocean Blue7"x 7"  Black  Anodized Metal

ES313R Sunset Orange 7"x 7" Black Anodized Metal

ES312R Summer Turquoise 7"x 7" Black Anodized Metal



Round Moving Sand Pictures

Art In Motion A New Picture With Every Turn

Round 7"x 7" Moving Sand Pictures  Ocean Blue , Sunset Orange,  or Summer  Turquoise  liquid with black sand,  coral pink sand from Southern Utah or green sands from South America, four types of white sands and a hint of fine  colored glitter.  The double strength glass is framed with a quality anodized metal frame.  Air bubbles hold up the sand creating unique scenes with every turn, pictures may take from just minutes to many hours to finish a scene.  The black sand is heavier than the white sands so the sands will never mix.  Some of the sands are transparent and some opaque giving the pictures a 3-D effect.
Code: Anodized Metal
Color:  Blue , Orange, or Turquoise
Style: Black Anodized Round Metal   Sand Art
Medium 7"x 7"
Origin: USA


Art In Motion A New Picture With Every Turn
 Like the ocean waves on sandy beaches, sand art gives a new image of beauty and imagination with every turn. William Tabar is the original creator of the sand pictures, beginning in 1985 in Salt Lake City Utah. William is still making the wonderful sand art pictures but now in Park City Utah. These handcrafted designs that combine time, gravity, matter and motion to form fascinating ever-changing works of art. This new and improved design will certainly please millions of all ages. These wonderful sand pictures ascend into oceans, beach, mountains, glacier, lake and deserts scenes. They soothe the psyche while they stimulate the imagination. Each handcrafted sand picture has selection exotic sands from around the world. Black sands from Africa’s coast, white sands from Caribbean beaches, green sand from south America, and coral pink sand from southern Utah. A quality knotty alder wood frame seals a highly guarded non-toxic solution. Specifically styled for home or office and will adapt to any décor. Eclectic Treasure is pleased of offer this fun and unique gift by William Tabar.

  11"x11" Round Cherry Ocean Blue Round Moving Sand Pictures Cherry Summer Turquoise  
  11"x11" Round Cherry
Ocean Blue S
and Picture
 11"x11"  Round Cherry
Summer Turquoise S
and Picture

 11"x11"  Round Cherry
 Sunset Orange
Sand Picture

  Round Summer Turquoise Black
 Anodized Metal S
and Picture
Round Sunset Orange Black
 Anodized Metal S
and Picture
Round Ocean Blue Black
Anodized Metal S
and Picture

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