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your feedback is very important to us here at Eclectic Treasures, we truly want to hear from you. please email, take a minute to read what our guest have to say about us. Click here to see more of what our guest have to say


Mdelyn B. of  Louisville KY Writes: We proudly display our  Brain Kidwell's Orvis Beane Fishing Machine in our new home Thank all of you at Eclectic Treasures  for your help with recreating it.  Madelyn B  Louisville, KY


It was a great pleasure being able to help you recreate Brain Kidwell's Orvis Beane Fishing. As you know each of Brain Kidwell�s working is an original. We hope this one will bring you the joy and happiness that you first Orvis Beane Fishing did. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.


Jim H. Dededo, Guam Writes: I received the Crackled glass Blessing Bowl today.  Thank you so much for your overseas assistance! Best regards, Jim H.  Dededo, Guam


We are always more than happy to be of service to our overseas guest I am glad we were able to help.


Michele M. of Riverside. CA. Writes: I had saved a page out of a catalogue from "Gumps" that has the "North Pole Express" in it.  I was wondering if that item would still be available? Michele M. Riverside, Ca


The North Pole Express that was at Gumps is available, we also have Krash Kringle Holiday Train these Extraordinary Sculptures, and more are available by artist Brian Kidwell.


Nick P. of Kent OH Writes: I just want to give one of your employees a big thank you. I visited your store in Corolla way back in June, and unfortunately I forget her name, but I believe she went to school at Clarion, although I'm not sure. She was a huge help to me in picking out a gift, and a pleasure to talk to as well. I hope she still works with you so that you can give her the message! If not, good job on hiring her in the first place! Keep up the great work, every year when I vacation in OBX I visit your store, I love it! I can't leave without getting something every time. Thanks! Nick P. of Kent, OH


It is pleasing to hear you enjoy our shop. All of us here at Eclectic Treasures feel all of our guests are the reason we are in business. We look forward to your return visit, Thank you for you kind words.


Terry P. Writes: I was wondering if Brian Kidwell did any custom pieces. My cousin is a Judge and a pilot. Our family was thinking about having something make for him. Years ago a friend of mine had one made for her husband who was a doctor and the family provided various things from his past and the artist created a sculpture .
Please let me know if this is even possible.  Thanks, Terry Pt

  Yes, We and Brain Kidwell welcome custom works you can even add some of you own pieces to personalize it. A flying Judge sounds like great fun as he fly�s around stomping out the worlds injustices  

Missy B, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Writes: I received my product last week and am very pleased with it.  I was in your store in June and found so many things that I liked.  I am thrilled to have the website to be able to make purchases through it.  I believe that my Mother purchased something as well.  She visited the store with me.  I will definitely be a repeat customer!  I will spread the word!!  :) Missy B. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Thank You, we really appreciate your business so much. We are working nonstop to build a site you will enjoy as much as our store and with your help we can do it.


Joy S of St. Thomas, VI  Writes: Could you do the tabletop falling waters fountain with primarily greens, corals, blue-greens? Joy  S.  St Thomas, VI 


Yes, we welcome your special or custom color changes on all of our waters fountains. We are here and willing to meet all your decorating needs.  


Barbara K of Asheville, NC  Writes: Looking forward to receiving the blessings bowl.  I'm sending it as a wedding gift as we all know the blessings of a marriage and the blessings over the years when one is intentional about paying attention to the blessings!  Many thanks!  Barbara K. Asheville, NC


What a heart felt way to remember that special wedding day the Blessing Bowl is a great gift for all Occasions. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special day.


Anne K. of Missoula, MT.  Writes: Thank you for your patience this Christmas season with me in particular.  My grandchildren received the kaleidoscope yesterday and their mom is wrapping it for the tree.  Thank you so very much.  Best wishes for a wonderful season.  Anne K  Missoula, MT


Thank you for allowing us to help you with your kaleidoscope for your grandchildren. We enjoyed helping you and look forward to helping you in the future.    


Destiny S. of Coldwater, MI.  Writes: I just wanted to thank you for the great job your company did on the shipment of the framed sand art. The shipment was pack safely for travel and arrived just in time. I will defiantly look forward to future business with you and recommending your service to others.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!!  Destiny S. Coldwater, MI


Thank for your business you and your order is very important to us at and we strive for ever order to arrive safely. The Sand Art Pictures are very relaxing and make a great gift for yourself or someone special. Thank you again we truly appreciate you.


Dawn B. of Prince George, BC Canada Writes: Thank you for changing the 25 on the tail to 16 (my husbands lucky number)on Airly Santa we really appreciated it. We have 32 themed trees (14 ft, 11 ft 9 ft multiple 8 and 6 footers etc...), over 200 Santa�s and all the love that the Christmas season holds lives here! We are so pleased to add one of Brian Kidwell's pieces to our collection. I am so excited!!!

Cheers Dawn B. Prince George, BC Canada
  Brian Kidwell's unique Airly Santa will be a great addition to your Christmas collection each is a one of a kind work of art.  We really enjoyed the photos of your wonderful holiday display. We look forward to your next visit  at  

Charlotte . of Powhatan, VA Writes: I visited your store at timBuk2 over our Thanksgiving vacation. At the time I was moving.  I found a light fixture that was amazing. It's a large round fixture with 2 green dragonflies. My son-in-law put a plug high in the wall so it looks like it is just sticking  out of the wall. It is the most awesome conversation piece I have and I absolutely love it.  You were so helpful and really made me realize I was purchasing a beautiful piece of art that really enhances my living space.  I love it and enjoy it every day! Thanks, Charlotte  Powhatan, VA

  We like that dragonfly wall lamp as well,  it is handcrafted in North Carolina. We hope you enjoy it for years to come. Best Wishes and thank you so much  

Jennifer W . of Trenton NJ  Writes:  Hello, I had ordered the polished metal blessing bowl for my spouse for our anniversary. I called your store to find out more about it, the person I spoke with gave me a great way of using the bowl. He said to take the papers and write down what was special each year we were together and save one for what I see in our future. I did just that when I gave it to him he was so overwhelmed it was truly the best gift I ever gave him. I would suggest the blessing bowl to everyone one.                                                                                                                                                                                Thank you for all your help Jennifer W.  Trenton, NJ.

  We are always happy to help, the Blessing Bowls are a great gift for just about every occasion. Thank you we are very happy we could be there for your joyous event.  
  Bill V. of Dallas TX Writes:  To whom it may concern,
While on the Outer Banks when I was in the area on a business trip I decided to shop at the TimBuck 2 shopping area.  I was looking for something for my wife as a gift from my trip.  I found the Eclectic Treasures store at the back of the complex.  Inside the store were so many possible options with your unique mix of gift item options.  I finally decided on the enamel covered copper bowls.  I could not decide which one to buy so I bought two.  My wife said it was her favorite gift I have ever brought to her from a trip.  That helped me score some big points since I do have to be away several days a month on business.  Thanks for the wonderful options and the friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. 
 Regards, Bill V.  Dallas, TX
  Bill V. Thank you for your kind words we do try, we sincerely love what we do, we know most of our artists and crafters on a first name basis. Doug and Bee Of NC. are just as wonderful as there work. It is our hope you enjoy the  bowls for years to come. We hope to see you on your next trip to the Outer Banks   

Lisa C. of Pittsburg PA. Writes: Hello, I just wanted to let you know the kaleidoscope I ordered last month for my husband�s birthday. He was thrilled and said it reminded him of a toy he had as a child. Thank you once again for having such unique gifts it is so hard to find anything for him because he never wants anything.                                                                 Thanks Lisa C.  Pittsburg PA.

  The Parman Brother's kaleidoscope are great quality and personal favorites of ours.  

Steven G. of Atlanta GA. Writes: Hey just wanted to drop a line to tell you I loved the table fountain I ordered. I have it setting on my desk and I love looking and listening to it everyday.                                                                                                                  Thank you, Steven G.  Atlanta GA.


Thanks Steven we also enjoy looking and listening to the fountains everyday. Each one is an individual work of art by Kerry Cleaver.


Madelyn  Writes: I wanted to tell you that I loved that "old-timey" quality of the web site. And, for me,
it was easy to navigate the ordering process. Your follow up is what makes  you stand out far above the rest.  I appreciate all you have done.   Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Thank you Madelyn so much, it is great guests, like you the make it all worth it, we could not do it with out you.


Mike B. of Raleigh NC. Writes: During the holiday I was in your store I had to write you and tell you how much I enjoyed vacationing on the Outer Banks every year, it was such a joy to find such a unique store. While the I purchased a blessing bowl, wine glasses and one of those wonderful water fountain for my friends and family for gifts. Everyone enjoyed their gifts so much, I am glad to see you are adding some of your collection online. Thank you for being so unique                           Sincerely, Mike B.  Raleigh NC.    


Thank You Mike I hope you enjoy all of your treasures and the next time you are in Corolla stop in to see all the new treasures we have for you to enjoy.


 Audrey of VA Beach VA. Writes: I really appreciate your help and your service. It is always nice to deal with some as pleasant as you. Thanks again!


Thank You Audrey It was a joy to help you, I look forward to your next visit and thank you for the wonderful card.


 Cath S. of Kitty Hawk NC. Writes: I have one of your mugs made by potter Meghan Runkle and love it!  Large enough to hold 2 cups of coffee or tea, but it is light enough to lift easily.  I have smaller hands and the handle is very comfortable, and combined with the lightness, this is my favorite mug!


Thank You Cath I am so glad you are enjoying your mug handcrafted by Meghan Runkle. Meghan also has purse teapots she calls Teabags that are also truly delightful and also useable.


 Michael M. of Harrisonburg, VA. Writes: We have been to a lot of places in our travels. This the most exciting store I have ever encountered. The things you have in the store are exquisite. The items that we purchased look great in our home. Thanks again for such a great visit. We will be back to your store. I highly recommend everyone to visit you.

  Thank you, Michael M.  It was a joy meeting you and your partner thank you for your kind words and we look forward to you return visit.  

your feedback is very important to us here at Eclectic Treasures, we truly want to hear from you. please email, take a minute to read what our guest have to say about us.


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