Debbee Thibault's American Collectibles   In 1993, Country Home magazine did a wonderful feature story on my work and me. The response was overwhelming. It was a mixed blessing. I wasnít quite ready for the success that the opportunity presented me. I was happy to be validated as an artist but sad because I could not handle all of the orders. I had to figure out a practical way of doing things. I did spend a year with a West Coast Collectibles manufacturing company that issued replicas of my designs. I learned a lot about business during that time. Later I had the confidence to strike out on my own.

In 1996, after perfecting a manufacturing process, Debbee Thibaultís American Collectibles was born employing six artisans. We were naÔve, but I think our innocence and idealism continue to contribute to our success.

Each of my characters start from the stories I make up about them. I share my stories with collectors I meet at different events and they share imaginative and fun stories with me. We have a great time with it. Whatís the next dream, Iím going to collect all of these tales that Iíve created about my little characters and bring them to life in a series of storybooks. Who knows what will happenÖ Dreams really can come true!
                                                                                      -Debbee Thibault