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Corporate & Office Giftss
  hand crafted in the USA
  Stand out of the crowd with our hand crafted and distinctive selection of fine corporate and office gifts. In addition to the thousands of individuals we have served, we have assisted a number of Corporate and Institutional clients with decorating and custom projects, as well as with executive awards and gifts. We take pride in "going the extra mile" to help you achieve your project goals.  
  Try Paperweight  Best Version Paperweight  Dr. Indigestion By Brian Kidwell

Quill Pen Eagle Feather Graphite Pencil 


Try Paperweight

Best Version Paperweight

Dr. Indigestion

Quill Pen Eagle Feather Graphite Pencil

  Petite Blessings Bowl 11"x11" Round Cherry Ocean Blue  
  Petite Blessings Bowl Large Gathering  Blessings Bowl 

 11" Round Cherry Sunset Moving Sand Art Picture

11"x ound Cherryy
Ocean Blue
Moving Sand Art Picture
  Round Ocean Blue Black
Moving Sand Art Picture
Medium Summer Turquoise Black
Moving Sand Art Picture
Sunset Orange
Moving Sand Art Picture

6'' Kaleidoscope Padauk Spiral

  Moving Sand Art Picture  Large Ocean Blue Cherry Wood

5'' Wheel Kaleidoscope

 Recycled Glass Nightlight
2" x 3"  CM/RGNL
Recycled Glass Nightlight w/ Shell 2" x 3"  CM/RGNL w/ Shell  
  Percivals Submersible  

Picture Frame

7'' Double Wheel Kaleidoscope

EgeussBusiness Card HolderBusiness Card Holder



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