Eclectic Treasures (TM)
Fine Pottery

hand crafted in the UK


by acclaimed artist mary rose young



Sm Bouquet Vase

  Mary Rose Young one-of-a-kind creations are contagious, inspiring, unique and energetic. Their festive character invokes charm and imagination. Every pattern and design is colored by her personal memories and sprinkled with her whimsical sense of humor. Each piece is a functional food safe work of art and is hand signed by the artist. Please note: Hand washing only is recommended
Code: MRY130BV
Size:  7" x 8"w
Color: Pearl White w/Multi Color Dots and Flowers
Style: Pottery Vase
Origin:  Import United Kingdom

  Mary Rose creates wonderfully quirky pottery pieces, often adorned with, what else, Roses! Painted roses, gold roses, three dimensional roses. If a sense of whimsy, a love of vivid colors and a bit of quirkiness appeals to you, Mary Rose Young Pottery absolutely fits the bill.  

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