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  Blessing Bowl

 The Blessing Bowl is the perfect gift for all occasions, anniversary, weddings, graduation, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, baby gifts, family reunions, retirements, holidays, healing, new home, appreciation, congratulation, memories, friendship, sympathy, gatherings, memorials, and more
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  Hays Cash

Hay's Cash Designs  Being rooted in the blacksmithing tradition, I use my hammer and anvil daily. I also use modern machinery to build large scale projects.
"I have always been intrigued by anything transformed by fire"

  purse shaped clay teapots

TeaBags By Meghan Runkle, These Teapot Purses, Each piece is personally hand-crafted by artist Meghan Runkle.
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Meghan Runkle

  Fountains By Kerry Cleaver

Fountains and More By Artist Kerry Cleaver, Working with water, light, and gleaming fused glass,.  Florida based artist Kerry Cleaver chose a metal and glass fusion process to create vibrant fountains, lovely cheese and Hors D'oeuvre trays, and Candle holders.


Brian Kidwell,  Brian Kidwell's whimsical, collectible "toys" are completely hand craft in his studio in Texas  He restores antique toys and dolls, carves wood, shapes copper and shiny brass, collects furs and fabrics, and sculpts and sews all that work goes into creating his unique Santa figures
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Artistic Home Furnishings  

  Iron Furniture, The personality of each piece of furniture created, begins with the steel. The color, texture and rigidity vary from mill to mill. So with each order placed, although the dimensions of the iron remain the same, the characteristics vary greatly.
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Mary Rose Young

Mary Rose YoungMary Rose Young makes decorative potteryMary Rose Young makes decorative pottery in her studio in the Forest of Dean. She draws upon a mixture of influences in her quest to produce the ultimate piece of eye-catching treasure. She has a large number of devoted admirers and receives many orders for her work.
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William Tabar's Exotic Sand Picture  William started creating his kinetic sand pictures in 1985 in Salt Lake City.  In the beginning, there was sand and water.
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N & J Kaleidscopes Nancy Koscheski has 18 years experience working in the kaleidoscope business, marketing and producing kaleidoscopes for another company.
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Pigskin glass The decorative glass plates and platters are called "pigskin glass" because the backing was originally made from pigskin leather.
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 Andreas & Lori Kalt Native Earth Andreas & Lori Kalt, have been making unique stone home d�cor for seven years now. Their once home-based business, Native Earth,
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JOEL DAVID BLOOMBER The Illuminated Jellyfish Series
Joel Bloomberg has been designing and creating sculptural and functional artworks for galleries, designers and collectors since 1980
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Linda Jereb Designer - Owner By The Sea JewelryI have been designing and selling Sea Glass Jewelry from my studio since 1990. I was schooled in commercial art and graphics and have a background in sales and marketing. " "I discovered sea glass when I moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 1988,
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 Martin Henry Kampitch of New Bern NC  Artist Statement
I have been working in metal for the past 12 years. I started as a jeweler and designed numerous lines each
year for craft shows and retail stores. My work consisted of brass and base metals with a mixture of glass and various stones.
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J & I Jewelry Collection Born in England, jewelry designer Ian Gibson has spent many years traveling the world absorbing various cultural influences.
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Jerry Berta,  The DINER Story: THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD WHERE ARE FOUR CLASSIC DINERS  Well, it all began in 1987 when Jerry Berta purchased Uncle Bob's Diner, built in 1947 by the Jerry O'Mahony Dining Car Company.
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Christie Moody spent her childhood in Memphis, Tennessee, inspired and encouraged by her mother, Marilyn Stratton, a painter. After graduating
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Self- taught glass artist Mark Lewanski of Portland, MI holds a materials engineering degree and worked two years in the  Detroit auto industry before creative restlessness and disillusionment with the corporate world prompted him to leave to pursue a career in art. In
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Cricket Forge Vega Metals, Inc., located in Durham, North Carolina, USA is recognized as a collaborative team of metal designers and  artist blacksmiths with extensive experience in the field of metalwork. Since 1987 we
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Deborah Armstrong -- President, Founder and creative innovator behind the Greenwich, CT based Deborah Armstrong & Company has always had a creative side. As a child, she was immensely interested in all types of
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Sean Brown creates one of a kind ceramic clay and mixed media jewelry. Although playful, whimsical, bright and colorful each piece also retains a contemporary feel that is expressed using shape, pattern and an attention to detail. Sean makes many different designs including bugs, animals and masks, however he is most well known for making cats, dogs and birds.
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Recycled Glass Art by Veronica and Tim Church didn't start out as recycled wine bottle artist, it just happened!  Veronica, a stained glass artist since 1986, did commissioned windows and repairs for churches,  
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    Are You in the Arts or A Modern Crafts Person Looking For A Gallery To Show Your Work? You Found It. Please  Submit Pictures Of Your Work And A Little About Yourself, and a phone number to contact you. Please Click Below For More Information About Submitting Your Work
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Dalton Quips traces its roots to the East Coast of Massachusetts. Professional artist Barbara Dalton, a native of Boston, began visiting public "Take it or Leave it" recycling yards back in 2006.
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  Arensbak Trolls  These hand crafted Tolls as old as Nature herself, and with wisdom to match. We live in the deep mystical region between your Imagination and Reality. Trolls are made from two basic materials, a wooden base (usually Tulip Poplar) and rope fibers. There are two kinds of rope fiber; sisal for the body hair and jute for mustache, eyebrows, hands, and tails. The natural sisal will vary from white to yellow in color and jute is naturally a light brown. The fibers are attached to the wooden base using staples and glues. The Troll is then dyed appropriate color (except Albinos!), allowed to dry, and then combed and given a haircut. The Troll then comes to life when you create its face and decorate its top/crown and body with assorted nuts, cones, seeds, and many other natural materials that we are able to find in the mountain forests that surround our studio.  
  POTTERY by Brandy Hackett You'll find a selection of handmade pottery, from functional stoneware to decorative Raku with a strong earthy influence. All pottery is made on site in her Tennessee Studio. Always creating refreshing new designs from dinnerware to one of a kind art pieces.  
  Sculptured Watercolors By Patsy Gullett, Patsy Gullett Has Incorporated Her Love of historical buildings anduniversities throughout the United States in a United States in a unique and original art form. She First does an original pen and ink line drawing of a historical subject which is printed on a 25% rag paper. Four more prints are hand-cut with an X-acto knife. The Layers are glued together and hand colored by the artist  
  T.M. Hoff Handmade beautiful and functional accessories for your home and garden.  

Craved Wooden Birds by Brent Freed Crarved Wooden Birds by Brent Freed A relative newcomer to sculptured arts, as a profession, Brent Freed is already earning praise among his peers and awards at Juried Art Shows. It almost seems his destiny to be sculpting ducks, fish and other wildlife from


Debbee Thibault's American Collectibles


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