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 handcrafted in the USA.



 All Ways Heart

Code: HRT1AL
Size: 1" x 1
red white & black
Style: Handcrafted clay Pin
Origin: USA

Slight variations in color, shape and size are normal due to each peace is an artist original.  Allow approximately one week  for delivery, Rush delivery may be available.

The Artistic Process All of Sean Brown's jewelry and small sculpture has been personally conceptualized, designed and hand-made by Sean from the highest quality materials available. No molds or any other production methods are employed. Each piece is individually cut from the clay. Holes are made where embellishments will later be attached. When the clay dries, edges are smoothed and Sean begins painting with various colors of under glazes (liquid combinations of clay and metallic oxides). Once there are enough pieces to fill the kiln they are bisque fired to nearly 2000�F. Additional glazes are added before a second firing. Finally, he uses special pens and ultra-fine brushes to apply an overgraze of 22K gold before a third firing. To achieve the desired result, some pieces are fired up to five times. The kiln cools overnight. When the work is cool enough to handle, he thoroughly inspect each piece. At this point some designs are masked and sandblasted which imparts a rich matte finish to the glaze surface. Select pieces receive various wires and beads including 14k gold-filled, sterling silver, painted copper and bronze, and semi-precious stones. He also add found objects and natural feathers. These processes and materials endow each piece with its own unique personality.  
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